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8-9-10 June 2016

The previous Procurement Forum was a gathering of Procurement Experts constantly on the lookout for new inspirations and flavours who, like sommeliers, taste and taste – until they find the perfect ingredient – allowing to compose the highest quality product in an optimum price!

In 2016 the Forum lasted 3 days and was preceded by a special day: on the 8th June we visited the ASTRAZENECA GLOBAL PROCUREMENT SERVICES WARSAW, where Daniel Pawski, Head of Global Procurement Services Europe and our host, guided us through the centre, explaining how it was created, how does it function and what were its organisational plans for the future. It was a unique opportunity to see how such a place works “from the backstage”.

8th June was also the day when the EFFECTIVENESS IN INDIRECT PROCUREMENT – How to manage the process and its participants as well as monitor and measure its effects (KPI) workshops were held. They were hosted by Monika Kiełtyka-Michna, former Member of the Management Board for Corporate Affairs and Tomasz Przybylski, Director of the Procurement and Supply Management Bureau, representing PLL LOT.

The formula of this year’s Forum, just as during its previous editions, included a plenary session and two parallel sessions: direct and indirect, filling both days of the gathering. This division allowed the Participants to determine their priorities and choose exactly the topics that were most important for them. This time, the Procurement Agents deemed the issues regarding optimising procurement processes, trends in procurement, intradepartmental cooperation (with guest appearances of HR, finance and production Managers), personal development as well as building charisma and leadership as the key areas touched upon during the Forum. Our special guests were Joanna Delbar (Personal Development Coach) and Piotr Tymochowicz (Media and Political Advisor). Their speeches and workshop groups were very popular among the Participants.


  • Risk management in procurement
    Marta Wysocka, Head of the Supply Logistics Department, “REMONTOWA” SHIPYARD IN GDAŃSK
  • Shared service centre – from start up into mature organisation
    Iwona Piorkowska, SBO Procurement Director Kraków, SHELL
  • How does partnership work in practice and translate into the effect of innovation
    Dominik Będziak, Development Group Director, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS POLAND MANUFACTURING

The last item on the agenda of the first day of the Forum were the thematic tables – a “fixed part” of our gathering – that have been immensely popular among the Participants, as they allowed them to discuss more detailed topics in smaller groups. According to the surveys submitted by the Participants, the most interesting table activity was a Simulation game “Optimising procurement costs for energy” hosted by Michał Skorupa, Chief of Photovoltaics Project, RWE.

In the evening, we met in Dwie Trzecie restaurant on Wilcza Street, where we listened to a sommelier representing Marek Kondrat’s vineyard (the Participants could win a bottle of wine with his autograph) and delighted ourselves with the exquisite cuisine. After that, numerous volunteers went to an “escape room” and tried to solve the mystery of a Bartender’s disappearance.

I would like to thank all the Participants of the 9th Procurement Forum for attending, being open, and inspiring each other. Our Forum became a fixed item in the calendars of procurement managers, who come here not only to find examples of solving particular problems, but also motivation for development – both personal and of the departments they lead.

I heartily thank all the Speakers and Partners for preparing their case studies and sharing experiences, as well as Moderators of the gathering: Edyta Musielak (Director of the Business Development and Customer Service Department, ING Business Services) and Rafał Dados (Managing Partner EIPM POLAND & EVENEUM) for hosting the Forum.

It was a great pleasure for me and the whole BBM team to meet you. We will do our best to make you even more satisfied with the upcoming edition!

Looking forward to seeing you in June 2017! Meanwhile, feel invited to have a look at the photo coverage.

Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
Project Director


Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
Project Director


“Procurement Forum offers the possibility of integration for influential people of similar profiles and acts as a catalyst of ideas for improving procurement procedures and processes in various industries; I recommend it.”

Iwona Piorkowska, CP Ops Delivery Centre Manager, Krakow / Global ASK CP Lead / Dyrektor Zakupów, Shell Polska

“I think the Forum was captivating and exceptionally well-organised.”

Sebastian Ociepka, Procurement Planning, Operations & Payments, International Airlines Group, S.A.

“I recommend participating in the Procurement Forum because it allows the participants to meet in a small company of professionals and specialists in Procurement. What is more, the speeches delivered covered various current topics, which allowed the participants to broaden their knowledge in numerous sectors they do not usually have access to.”

Sabine Dujacquier, Procurement Director, Veolia Polska

„Participating in the Purchasing Forum is a great opportunity for exchanging experience and networking. In one place you have purchasing and supply chain practitioners both from direct and indirect side of the business and regardless of the industry. For EIPM it is a great place for sharing our knowledge, infecting people with our passion and shaping innovative purchasing in Poland”

Bernard Gracia, Dean & Director EIPM

“Procurement Forum organised by Blue Business Media is a perfect occasion to familiarise oneself with current dilemmas and successes of the procurement environment. It is an opportunity to share experiences and get to know different perspectives on a particular problem. I recommend participating in the Procurement Forum as it hosts interesting and difficult discussions on how to develop procurement competences in Poland.”

Monika Bis, Procurement Expert

“Procurement Forum is a possibility to exchange experiences among practitioners. Open-minded listeners, interesting Speakers.”

Jakub Świątnicki, Procurement Director Eastern Europe, Orbis Kontrakty

“I would like to congratulate(...) you on organising the Forum so well. I personally think that this kind of events are a perfect opportunity to exchange experiences and meet new, interesting people.”

Adam Szymoszek, Purchasing Manager NMAP, NIDEC MOTORS & ACTUATORS (POLAND)

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